Travel Information

Visa Requirements

Except Kenya and Djibouti nationals, visas are required for all visitors to Ethiopia. Visitors should obtain a visa from an Ethiopian Embassy or Consulates before departure.

Nationals of 33 countries are now allowed to receive their visas on arrival in Ethiopia at the regular charge, including:

Argentina Germany Mexico Sweden
Australia Greece Netherlands Switzerland
Austria Ireland New Zealand Thailand
Belgium Israel Norway United Kingdom
Brazil taly Poland United States
Canada Japan Portugal
Denmark Republic of Korea Russia Federation
Finland Kuwait South Africa
France Luxembourg Spain

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All visas will be valid from the date of issue.
Mailing Instruction
All applications to be submitted by mail must be sent via an envelope with a TRACKING NUMBER. The application must also have a self-addressed prepaid FEDEX, UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAIL return envelope.
All applications with a return envelope MUST HAVE TRACKING NUMBERS. If you send any ordinary mail without tracking numbers it will not be processed and will be sent back to the sender unprocessed.
Track it online at the respective mailing company's website to ensure it has been received by the Embassy. Please do not call to find out if it has been received.
Please track your application online using a return mailing tracking number at the respective mailing company after two or three business days that we received your application to know that it has been sent back to you!
You need not call our embassy after you have traced the arrival of your mail.