ISYA 2017

About ISYA


International Schools for Young Astronomers (ISYA) , was developed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1967 under the auspices of IAU Commission 46 Astronomy Education & Development. The objective of ISYAs is to broaden the participants’ perspective on astronomy by lectures from an international faculty on selected topics of astronomy, seminars, practical exercises and observations, and exchange of experiences.

The Office for Young Astronomers (OYA) was established in 2015 in collaboration between the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters (NASL) and the IAU, with the aim to ensure a robust financial and organizational basis for the operation of the ISYA program..

Description of the School

It is a three-week international postgraduate school for regions where students have less opportunity to be directly exposed to the full extent of up-to-date astrophysics (mainly, but not exclusively, from astronomically developing countries). During the school both theory and observations are addressed.

The curriculum includes a standard set of self-contained, coherent lectures that cover the basic concepts and theories of selected fields of astronomy and astrophysics, along with relevant instrumentation and observation, and data reduction and calibration, understandable to students with good college mathematics and physics (but not necessarily astronomy) training, plus selected thematic topics of the latest development and trend of the fields.

The participants are essentially coming from countries in the region of the country hosting the ISYA. The lecturers are experts coming from all over the world. OYA provides financial support for all travel of students and faculty, both within the host country and international. During the School period, the host institution (EORC) covers expenses , such as accommodation and boarding for students and faculty, and provides the infrastructure for lectures and tutorials.